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Did you know food stamps are used illegally on a regular basis? Food stamps are vouchers issued by the government to those on a low income, exchangeable for food. Instead of expanding food stamps and have people receive $239 a month, I believe they should receive $60 a week of groceries from a food pantry donated by a charity. I will explain why people should not get the $239 dollars a month and receive $60 a week of groceries which would add up to $240 a dollar more. Food stamps are abused way too much and some of these ways are when an applicant or recipient of benefits fakes an application, when an applicant applies for benefits in more than one state, or sells his or her benefits for profit, he or she may be guilty of food stamp fraud. The penalty for these crimes is incarceration and you can be charged with a felony. When an individual applies for food stamps, they must complete a lengthy application. When filling the form out they require you to put information about all family members, monthly expenses and income, and vehicles or bank accounts. At the end of the application there is a statement cautioning the applicant that if they submit false information or not fill in all information they were…show more content…
Doing so I believe it will deter the crimes that go on with food stamps. If farmers or people donated to the charities, the government should let them use it as a tax write off. I see people all the time getting food at ShopRite or Acme with their food stamps getting the wrong food and then having to have an associate from that store go get the right food that the food stamp allows them. It takes a while and then backs up that line in the store for about five to ten minutes. If we made people go to a designated place and pick out there $60 a week of groceries it will be easy because they can’t pick the wrong food everything that they get is the right food that food stamps

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