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From where I come from, music plays a big role in the lives of the people of Dominican Republic. The culture of music in the country has grown and built its roots in social cultural celebrations that vary throughout the different cities of the island. I grew up in a household made out of three artists that express and project their artistic skills through music and carnaval costumes and masks that they wear during the month of February. Before the month comes my uncles will start getting ready drawing their new designs for their costumes for the upcoming carnaval, at the same time, freestyling with the güira, the tambora and the conga. Their music is more folkloric with a strong emphasis on the instruments, and their choreography on the spot. In folkloric inspired music like merengue-tipico, there is the use of three males up front dancing and singing during the show of merengue-tipico artists. The shows are regularly attracting many people from nearby towns. The presence of artists like my uncles are present all over towns like mine in Callejón Ramon Sosa #4 in the town of Navarrete, which is a small town with a great community of folkloric artists that came from different cities with the dream of creating their own band. Navarrete is known for being a booming town to make money with clubs, and live presentations in the weekends, and the…show more content…
In modern day, during the festivities all Dominicans become one since they are all celebrating carnival, and dancing to the same song that the loud speakers coming form one of the mobil cuevas--caves, they are called cuevas as it metaphor for hiding from bad spirits—that people built around parks to host parties, and showcase their costumes. Groups that come together to host parties during the festivities, they all wear the same kind of costume this can be compared to a fraternity, or a bike club, where the presence of brotherhood and machismo is

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