The Years Of Peril By Thomas Hart Benton

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Thomas Hart Benton was the Kardashian of his day; the most famous man in the U.S and solely for painting. He had a plan to wake up the american people to the grimness of their national situation, he felt as if they didn’t take the threat of our country being at war as seriously as they should’ve. So he painted a series of paintings called The Years of Peril. Propaganda pictures were meant to make the viewer either change their idea on a topic or persist an idea, they were meant to come across a point. Invasion, a 1941 oil-on-canvas painting by American Artist Thomas Hart Benton, effectively trying to awaken the american people of the evils of fascism when viewing this painting through the use of stereotypes, color, and composition. Benton didn’t shy away from using stereotypes to install his beliefs in the viewer, by portraying the enemies as inhuman, plus displaying the caucasian race as superior.…show more content…
The caucasian family getting viciously bombarded empathizes how Benton thought individuals with blonde hair, blue eyes, and light skin were a superior race. Benton’s main goal was to paint the enemy as the most ruthless, monstrous, and non human-like creatures he could’ve painted.Benton used the common stereotype of the Japanese soldiers having buck tooth to mock them. He painted them muscular resembling a gorrila so the light skin family can look vulnerable.He also painted their skin dark supporting the stereotype that dark skins are savages. Benton used the white supremacy stereotype to make them seem like the good guys, in contrast to the dark skin japanese soldiers as the bad

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