Stereotyping In The Movie 'Crash'

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As I watched the movie on Tuesday, the ending half I realize that this was a very heart aching, and eye opening movie. In that little bit that I watched I realized that there were racisms, prejudice, and stereotypes grounded in this movie, with the oppression based on gender, race, and class. This is something that has always happen whether it is in this movie as a theme or in real life anywhere and even now in 2014. We know that racial oppression in Los Angeles as it takes place in the movie just doesn't happen there in accident it happens because of a reason and the because of oppression, which in my opinion include many things but directly related to the movie it was the use of “police discretion” ( police brutality as we saw in…show more content…
In the movie Crash directed by Mr. Paul Haggis shows a diverse group of people it ranges from family, to business men to the working class. We see this people make and do the most harmful things to each other typically stereotyping and assuming that they are all the same based on one example, on one person. In every single instance of the movie there is stereotyping, even in the beginning of the movie the two kids are stereotyping themselves. Another example is when Sandra Bullock is hysterical and wants the locks changed because she assumes that since the guy is Hispanic he is a gangster and has been in prison because of the tattoos, this was not the…show more content…
They don't take the time to learn and really try to understand the differences and look at the similarities. We live in a society where we are all trying to reach the American dream and just focus on ourselves. This movie at the end gives me a true sense of how damaging racism really is and how egocentric we are as a society. Moreover, in the movie we see that every single actor in this move faces prejudice whether you are of color or white. It is very noticeable that the lack of awareness and the learning about others brings a little bit of irony to this movie. We know that Los Angeles is very diverse, yet in this setting people are just afraid of all those who look different and just assume without knowing and this movie does an amazing job that portrays this. We see how all the actors in the movie “Crash”, actually ironically collide with each other and the viewpoints and difference of race. We see the collision of people against each other facing the prejudice of gender, class, and,

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