The Similarities And Differences Between Babylonia And The Hebrew Civilization

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The great early civilizations started to come together gradually over the centuries. The Babylonia and the Hebrew civilizations were a major part of the great early civilizations. Power and tradition was the key to holding each civilization together. Religion was a factor of tradition within the civilizations. Tradition then began to reflect and mean something to the lives of those who were apart of the civilization, government, and education. They had their similarities, as well as their differences among various roles in each society. The similarities and differences are in the aspects of the two civilizations ways they deal with agriculture, laws dealing with lying, class in each society, and the way they dealt with marriage. Agriculture…show more content…
The Hebrews, for the most part, were treated the same throughout their society. Marriage among the Babylonians and the Hebrews were had their similarities as well. Sexual control in each society was imperative. The people usually married for money because the woman brought something that means something to her. Its usually property or some sort of inheritance for the woman to fall back on incase the husband decided to leave or happened to pass away. For those who actually understood the importance of marriage. The mosaic law of divorce was not as much protective of the wife. If the husband were to find something wrong in the wife or the marriage in general he could basically write divorce papers and tell her to get out. In the two societies, the only way that you could avoid divorce if you were pregnant is to allow your husband to have children by another woman. One way the wife could divorce the husband was if he left her for an extended period of time and did not provide for her. Only in that case, the wife would be allowed to divorce. If the wife was being provided while the husband was gone, and left anyway, when the husband returned he could take her to court and if her reasoning wasn’t

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