Musee Des Beaux Art

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The poem Musee Des Beaux Art by W.H Auden is about suffering. Suffering in the poem is normal to the people and to the old masters because it was a regular thing for people to suffer by dying. No one really cares or look at this matter, there just going on with their daily lives. The human position to me seems that people are just doing what is necessary there just not focused on whats going on around them. In the poem, it says “the ploughman may have heard the splash, the forsaken cry, but for him it was not an important failure; the sun shone”. This shows that it was normal for him to hear things and didn’t care to look to see what was happening, he just brushed it off and kept continuing his day. My impression of this poem is nothing really…show more content…
The poem Landscape with The Fall of Icarus is about Icarus father told him when they escaped from the prison to not go far up near the sun because the wax would melt and the wax kept the feathers together. The son didn’t listen. So, he kept flying higher and higher, the wax melted and he fell and drowned. The father just kept going until he got to safety. For example, when Carlos said “sweating in the sun, that melted, the wings’ wax”. This basically shows that Icarus didn’t acknowledge what the father was saying because he got to excited and to close to the sun that the wax begun to melt from the feathers and he fell into the ocean and drowned. My impression of the poem is Carlos Williams is trying to get more people to focus on the tragedy death of Icarus. Another example is “a splash quite unnoticed, this was, Icarus drowning”. This shows that Icarus had a quiet death because no one cared enough to look and see what was going on in the ocean water when the splashed happened. In Landscape with The Fall of Icarus, the poem is made up of seven stanzas, three lines each different from Musee Des Beaux
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