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Finding Nemo is a Disney Pixar film that details the perception of love and family through personifying fish. Disney as a company is known all around the world as being a very successful commercial business for its kid-friendly media, as well as products. Finding Nemo is an example of a family-oriented movie Disney created. Through Finding Nemo, the movie portray their characters to the youth and adults to publicize environmental action and life-developing morals for everyone. The story of Finding Nemo is important to fully understand the effects of the movie as a whole to families. In the origin of the movie, a baby clownfish, Nemo, lost his mother and other siblings to a barracuda attack, so his father, Marlin, becomes a tad bit over-protective…show more content…
One moral example is accustomed through the characters, specifically Marlin. Being a parent, Marlin believed that if he constantly kept his eye on Nemo, and protected him that he would go through life being unharmed and actually enjoy it, but instead Nemo started to grow up a little early, trying to become independent, and not let Marlin watch over and protect him. As the movie ends, Marlin grasps the image and decides to let Nemo grow and go through life in his own self-sufficient way, also to be happy for him despite all the wrongs that can happen in life. As for Nemo, the son, he learns to be devoted to his father and still have the decision to go out and explore the world, willing to be a risk taker in life to satisfy him by looking as if he'll be independent when he grows up enough. For the most part, by the leading characters, friends can become family, and love can be earned through honesty and loyalty. The movie allows the development of different families and other views of a secure friendship. For instance, Dory would be considered "family" because of her non-stop support for helping Marlin and Nemo. Throughout this period, Dory became a great, honest friend to Marlin. She was a friend he could call whenever he needed help. The characters in the movie allows the audience to watch their relationships grow and develop on a personal

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