Roy And Hahn Case Study

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Roy Michel and Ben Knox have been coworkers at a local factory for the last two years. Neither had families, for example wives, nor children. It is believed that they were not married off yet because they were too young. There had been reports of Roy and Ben arguing on the site. For instance, they were having disputes on what area one was supposed to work. Prior to this, Roy had an excuse of absence from his foreman regarding his injury. On the site, Roy was lifting a tin and pulled an extraneous muscle in his back. When he returned to work, Michel began to second guess himself. His performance level began to drop at work, so his foreman decided to supply him with therapy session under the job’s insurance. Ben began to believe that Michel was…show more content…
He specified that at this stage the victim does something, such as, using a disparaging remark. The opening move may be a nonverbal or a verbal hand gesture. As identified before, Knox began to refer to Michel as a punk for taking therapy sessions for an injury as simple as a pulled muscle. However, one evening after their shift, they both decided to top by a local bar before heading home. While sitting at the bar Roy overheard Ben tells some people at the bar about his injury. Ben referred to Roy’s actions as wimpish and denied he was a man; he then jokes on Michel’s family raising a sissy. Several, bar hoppers were laughing at Ben’s story, however his story left Roy feeling offended and out of place. Luckenbill second stage stated that the behavior of the opening move; the offender (Michel) views becoming personally offensive. For example, when Knox began to act on Michel’s family and the crowd at the bar began to laugh. Luckenbill believes that the victims (Knox) intentions are irrelevant at this moment, but that the audience could influence the interpretation of the offense. Michel became tired of the gags; he decide to confront Knox, he had his reputation at work to retain. After finishing his beer, Roy walked over to Ben; witnesses say that words were exchanged. However, Knox must have said something that infuriated Michel off he began to…show more content…
Based on the findings of Luckenbill’s fifth stage, it can be argued that now both are engaged in the dispute. Sadly, at this stage weapons are usually introduced. For instance, Roy’s left hand than landed on a knife that as knocked to the floor during the fight and charged at Ben. Luckenbill’s last stage stated that after the homicide the offender is left at the mercy of the police. As a result, the body of Knox was laid out on the floor of the bar, while Michel was being arrested, then later charged with murder. After examining the autopsy, it revealed that both Roy and Ben high blood-alcohol levels. According to the autopsy, Ben had a broken nose with multiple bruises, yet the numerous stab wounds with the murder weapon, a knife, is what killed him. In comparison to Knox, Michel only had bruises along his arm, face and chest. Perhaps, the bartender should have limited the quality of alcohol both Roy and Ben

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