Stereotypes: A Personal Analysis

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Each and every person has a personality, some people are outgoing, some people are shy, and some people are cold. People perceive one another in different ways based on many factors. These factors can solely define a person in many categories, as long as the person has confidence, then these judgments don’t affect them in any way. People are mainly viewed by friends, family, and strangers. People judge me a lot, some think I am a workaholic, some find it odd that I am motivated to be a champion, others find me intimidating. Some things I want people to know about me are my backgrounds, my fears, my motivations, and my frustrations. I grew up In a wealthy, intelligent, and well known family. I attended the most competitive, strict, and dignified…show more content…
Although i act all tough on the surface there are many things that terrify me. One thing that terrifies me is failure, i hate the thought of me disappointing myself and my parents, the process of drilling makes me nauseous. I acknowledge that human aren’t perfect, that we are made to make mistakes and learn from them. Another fear i have are doors, this may seem odd to some, but no one acknowledges the fierce, evil power of doors. When i was 8 years old i had my had consumed by the dark power which is known as a door, i waited for minutes howling at the pain in which my fingers can no longer move. I felt like it lasted for decades before the perpetrator opened the door. I have fears it true, but my motivations allow me to blow them to…show more content…
“ You have brain in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose” ( Dr. Seuss). What's the point if others are motivating you but you have no desire to succeed. I try my best in school, sports, and anything in life. If i fail at something and i tried by best at least i know that i put a load of work and got at least an ounce of success. coming from an immigrant family i had to start over, i had to get straight A’s or my parents would feel so disappointed as well as myself. The American spirit drives me to success, that statue of liberty symbolizes hope and desire for all immigrants. The spirit that this is the land of opportunity inspires me, inspires me to exceed any standard set by anyone because i know that i can do anything i set my mind to. Although i have motivations i also have frustrations, things that i can’t stand to

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