Initial Artifact Analysis: Like A Girl

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Like a Girl initial artifact analysis In a world where people can't go a day without social media comes a culture of constant comparison, judgment, racism, sexism and hate towards one another. All of these have been problems in society but are amplified by the fact that people can say these things hiding behind a screen. The social media dynamic feeds beliefs and thoughts into young and impressible kids, making them susceptible to almost everything they read and are told. The commercial #likeagirl by the brand Always, tackles the issue of gender stereotypes. The commercial asks both boys and girls, old and young to perform tasks “like a girl”, ranging from running, throwing and fighting. #likeagirl gives a comparison on what society says “like a girl” is and what the actual truth is.…show more content…
A nontraditional aspect or anomaly of this film are the camera angles that are behind the scenes, basically giving the targeted audience a first person view and feeling of being apart of the production. Using the first person camera angles make the commercial personal, hitting closer to home and evoking emotions to keep the viewers interested. The targeted audience for this commercial is very broad because the topic is gender and different age groups appear throughout it. This commercial first appeared during the Superbowl, which is perfect for this type of advertisement. The Superbowl at this point is pretty much a holiday in America, so you can expect many families to be together while watching. Because of this, the message of the commercial is amplified due to viewers being around loved

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