The Ohio Voting System

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“Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting”. The passage by Franklin D. Roosevelt highlights the freedom citizens have through voting. In Ohio this November, citizens are given the option to vote for three major issues. The first issue would create an equal system for drawing district lines through a bipartisan process. The second will prohibit monopolies created through initiatives, creating a backup plan for citizens if the initiatives are unfair. Lastly, the third issue is an initiative that would allow for the legalization and monopolization of marijuana, allowing for recreational and medical use as well as setting parameters…show more content…
Currently, a committee of five people that decide on the borders, and every ten years they will re draw them. Out of the five people, four are of the Republican Party. This leaves the Democratic Party in the minority, which does not allow for an equal political system. If implemented, the bipartisan method will create a new committee that consists of the Governor, the Secretary of State, the Auditor of State, and four members of the General Assembly’s majority and minority party. In addition to this, for the new bipartisan system to finalize districts for the full 10 years, all four of the General Assembly’s members need to be in agreeance. If they do not all agree the majority party would win, however their decision would only stay in effect for four years. While this does not completely eliminate the majority party from overruling the minority, it does ensure that there will be more compromise between the two parties while preventing deadlock on the decision. The amendment would also require public meetings before passing new lines, which allows for more communication with the people that live in the districts. Overall, this amendment would benefit the voters because it keeps citizens more involved while creating a fair way to draw the district…show more content…
The amendment works by having the bipartisan Ohio Ballot Board look at initiatives and determine if they were created for personal financial gain. It the initiative was, then an additional question must be asked on the ballot. The first question on the ballot would be the initiative itself and the second one would ask if the petitioner has the right to a monopoly. Both questions have to receive a yes in order for the amendment to pass. The process of two questions ensures that the voters are aware they are agreeing to a monopoly system. This issue was brought up in response to issue three, which grants the legalization of marijuana. If both issues approve this November, this amendment would go into effect first, invalidating issue three. It is, however, unlikely that both issues will be passed. This amendment will benefit the voters because it will give them additional assurance that initiatives do not affect them negatively. It also helps the middle class since it will potentially prevent people from running a

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