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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE NAME : SWAMINADHA KOTTANA QUALIFICATION : BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING COURSE PLANNING : M.S IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING “The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth”. -----John F. Kennedy This maxim is an important motivating factor for me as this quote sums up my attitude towards life. And today I avail this opportunity to present before you committed, industrious and adamant student to endeavour to pursue a Masters program in Electrical Engineering. I believe in hard-working and unflinchingly to achieve adherently my aim irrespective of the obstacles that come in life. A passion to work hard has made me unwavering…show more content…
So I have been able to realize my educational dreams to a large extent in my family. Ever since my childhood, I was fascinated and questioned myself how does the radio (FM) works. How it receives the signals through the antenna and what components make up a radio. Since, then I am passionate to learn and discover what the electronics is all about. In my high school days, I am head and shoulders above in Physics and Mathematics who secured a 15th position in BHASHYAM Talent Test and notch up among top 5% of the candidates who appeared for the STATE LEVEL SCIENCE TALENT SEARCH EXAMINATION. From those days, I am fascinated to learn the magic behind the Science. With the fond of interest, I took Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as my major in Higher Secondary Classes and started focusing on application part and realised how those are helpful in our daily lives by taking certain or suitable examples like Law of Thermodynamics,Calculus and given a rock solid foundation for my undergraduate study. To get a good Engineering course, I appeared for state level Engineering, Agricultural and Medical Common Entrance Test (EAMCET) and achieved a top 3% of the total 3, 89,000 students who appeared. And I got admission into the Electronics and Communication Engineering in Vardhaman College of Engineering, affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University,…show more content…
During my 4th semester I designed an “Automatic Switch using Sensor and Relay Circuit”. This circuit mainly involves the functioning of on/off switch based on the requirements without having any physical connection/contact, so that it can prevent shock. In the 5th semester, the courses related to VLSI inspired me to take challenges in this field. And with the team, we coded an “Algorithm for Power Optimization using Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR)” that is used for testing the machine by itself in one of the mechanism named Built-In-Self -Test (BIST) by reducing the transitions between 1’s and 0’s using a Verilog (Hardware Description Language) software tool and implemented up to

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