Richard Sentnett

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“No Long Term: New Work and The Corrosion of Character”, a passage from a work by Richard Sennett, a professor at both the London School of Economics and New York University. The point of the article is to explore the relationship between work and our sense of identity between starts by telling us about his encounter with an old acquaintance while at an airport. (190) According to Sennett, this man Rico is the son of an Italian immigrant named Enrico, whom Sennett had interviewed fifteen years earlier for a book he was working on. Enrico was a union janitor. He worked his way through laborious times and was self made. He apparently had a very prejudiced view towards immigrants of different races. He felt as though he was treated as a nobody by the upper-middle class population. Even though he felt as though he had achieved great social honor by earning everything he had, he didn’t want his son to follow in his footsteps.…show more content…
He achieved at least his father's expectations of him. Rico studied electrical engineering in school. He was now married and self employed. He moved around several times for work. He met his wife, Jeannette, in school. After college he became a technology advisor out on the west coast. Then they moved to Chicago. After that, they moved so his wife would be more successful. Enrico felt shame when his wife had to work, but Rico thinks of his wife as an equal partner.
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