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Introduction Curriculum is defined as activities, both planned and unplanned, taking place within a surrounding concerning the children’s physical, intellectual, emotional, social and creative abilities. With the curriculum framework, it will be easier for the children to learn the foundation and kick-start their education journey. Summary Out of all the six principles found in the curriculum framework, I have chosen principle 3 which is “Engaging children in learning through purposeful play”. At a young age, children will always look forward to play time where they are actively engaging in activity for enjoyment or learning purposes. It is the natural way of learning for the children to explore and discover themselves. In the curriculum…show more content…
When children participate in purposeful play actively, it will enable the children to cultivate their imagination and creativity. Children showcase their creativity through music, art & craft and show & tell. Robert Owen (1771-1858) mentioned that education has an important role in building the children’s character. He was known for using methods of teaching in pictorial form and he mentioned that natural history, music, dancing and games is important in school. To add on, it will give opportunities to the children to learn together, known as collaborative learning. Failure is a stepping stone to success. Therefore, teachers should encourage the children to be brave and have the freedom to take the risks to make mistakes and teach the children how to cope with it. Teachers should also teach the children that it is okay to make mistake and we should learn from other children’s mistake. Teachers should also make the process of the learning enjoyable and experimental. With that, teachers must provide additional materials and are encouraged to not conduct in old school method in order to attain purposeful play. Friedrich Wilheim Froebel (1782 - 1852), the father of kindergarten had stated that when instructing children, usage of toys and play is encouraged. With materials available for the children, children will be curious and explore about it

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