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Uriya Richardson Ms.Abdullah Oral written comp Abolish the Stand Your Ground Law While people may believe that the stand your ground law protects all American citizens. In reality many people use the law to advantage. Many people use the law to take an unfair advantage of African americans. THerefore the O.C.G.A.16-3-23. should be abolished. 1)The Stand Your Ground Law was made to protect and save lives of all citizens of the United States. While in reality the law is used and taken advantage of and is used to kill innocent African Americans. In 2005 there was a law by the name of Stand your ground law was passed. The law stated that it's now legal to hurt a person or kill a person when they felt threatened. Although many people think that it makes the world a better place. While in reality African Americans are losing their lives due to this law. Therefore law should be abolished. (Cook)There are many cases to show that people take advantage of the stand your ground law such as the case of Mr.Johnson. Mr.Johnson was at a bar with Mr.Edmondson, left the bar and shortly returned. When he returned he was armed. He started to fire, shooting Mr.Johnson in the chest. He then claimed that he felt threatened by Mr.Johnson he was arrested. He waited for his trail when it came to the day of the trail they set him…show more content…
The stand your ground law is used at the expense of African American. (Severson) position is supported by clear evidence that shows the stand your ground law is used more on african american . In fact in a case in michigan a white man shot a young black women that was on his porch. Earlier that evening she was in a deadly car accident. She was just looking for help and he shot her through the door with a shotgun. shortly following this the case of Trayvon Martin. This struck a racial debate that explained proved that 53% of people are white. 62% of victims of the stand your ground law are African

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