Walt Disney: A Child's Hero

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In the midst of a great depression, a masterpiece was created. The first full-length animated movie that many said was flawed, and was a waste of time. December 21, 1937, all the disbelieved were astonished; an overnight hit. Created by The Magic Man, a man whose name many think of a fantasy land secluded from the worries of the world when they hear. Walt Disney, or most commonly known as “Disney.” The man who taught us to wish upon a star, who helped us to dream and to imagine. Walt Disney the First Imaginer, Walt Disney a child’s hero. December 5, 1901, in Chicago Illinois, Walter Elias Disney, the fourth of five children born to the Disney family. Walt had three older brothers: Herbert, Raymond, and Roy; and a younger sister, Ruth, of all…show more content…
He kept average grades however; he showed special aptitude in reading and art. After Walt graduated from Benton, he returned with his family to Chicago, where his father had sold his newspaper route to buy a jelly factory. While living in Chicago Walt enrolled in McKinley High School and attended art classes at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts at night. In 1918, Walt’s schooling ended when he enlisted in the American Ambulance Corps during World War I. 1919, he completed his Red Cross duties and returned to Kansas, where he got a job with Pesmen-Rubin Commercial Art Studio. After being fired him and his co-worker, Ub Iwerks, decided to branch off on their own and create Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists. Shortly after Disney took the remaining assets from Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artist and invested 15,000 into creating Laugh-O-Gram Films, which went bankrupt after only a year. With only $40 dollars to his name and a few drawing materials Disney left Kansas City. He left for Los Angles to meet with his brother Roy, who at the time was recovering from a severe illness. Once in L.A., Disney and his brother created Disney Brothers Studios, later becoming Walt Disney Studios, later to be the incentive in creating Walt Disney…show more content…
Though most people are not expecting to learn when they hear the name Disney this is exactly what you get when you go. The Walt Disney Family Museum; it may not be the rollercoasters that you were wishing for, but you will get a ride of your life. The Walt Disney Family Museum; seen more important than the parks to family and friends. People have lost touch of the true meaning of Disney. It is not a Mouse, or a Girl and Seven Dwarfs, but a man. Yes, Walt Disney was a living, breathing, escapist that created the fairy tales we have all grown to love. The museum is mostly funded by the family fortune, equipped with very modern technology to interest not only the older generation as well as including the young as well. Disney always cherished the past while welcoming the future. The museum illustrates Disney’s life. Starting with the beginning stories of the Missouri farm boy, to the daunting realization that The Magic Man was gone, but never forgotten. Walt Disney’s dream of portraying a world full of joy and happiness was fulfilled

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