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The on-going argument of “Stand Your Ground” laws has been gaining some traction and recognition due to recent incidents with the police. Recently, the case of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown has sparked some controversy with “Stand Your Ground” laws, but what exactly are “Stand Your Ground” laws? In short, it is the right to defend one’s self if that particular person is being or will be harmed. While this idea sounds rational, some people disagree with this law. They believe that the law may be abused and can be used to get away with murders. Because of this, some states follow the “Duty to Retreat” law. This law states that the victim cannot defend themselves or fight back in any way. The only action they are able to do is to simply run away until the assailant is gone. I believe that “Stand Your Ground” laws are an essential concept in our society that not only protects the lives of law-abiding citizens, but also decreases the overall crime rate in the United States.…show more content…
As stated in the article, “Self-Defense is a Human Right”, by Chris Cox, “Gun control supporters falsely claim that ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws cause an increase in crime. To the contrary, the national violent crime rate has decreased in 18 of the last 20 years…” (Cox 2013). This shows that the overall rate of crime in the U.S. will decrease if people are granted the right to defend themselves. It shows the benefit of an armed community. Without “Stand Your Ground” laws, or guns in general, cities tend to show an increase in crime. For example, there was a ban of handguns in Chicago, Illinois. A census was taken in the case of McDonald v Chicago. It has shown that the death of citizens by handgun has averaged 40% higher than before the law took place. This shows the harmful effects of not having guns, not to mention “Stand Your Ground” laws, in

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