The Curious Incident Of The Dog And The Night-Time Analysis

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Since the birth of the first child, parents have been attempting to find the parenting style that helps their child reach their optimal potential. For parents who have kids with autism this parenting style seems nonexistent, but the truth is that this parenting style is just around the corner. The major theme of The Curious Incident of the Dog and the Night-Time that I chose to further look into was parenting. The specific issue within parenting that I decided to further research was what are parenting styles used when kids have autism and which one is the most effective. The theme of parenting styles is reflected in the novel by how Christopher’s father raises him and goes about meeting his needs. This topic is in critical conversation around…show more content…
The article discussing Gradin’s life and beliefs was written by Sue Thoms. Gradin believes that children need to be raised with a 1950’s parenting mentality. Thoms states, “The expectations and social rules she learned in childhood can help children stretch themselves and develop work skills” (Thoms). This supports the idea that the social skills and proper etiquette taught in the 1950’s helped expand the horizons of kids with autism instead of the more modern laid back mentality. If skills such as “turn-taking” are not taught then a child has been done a great misdeed by not learning a social skill needed to communicate later in life. Gradin also goes on to say how parents of children with autism are being too care free when it comes to their children’s activities. Gradin says, “We can't let these kids become video-game reclusives in their rooms, there's way too much of this" (Thom). Gradin means that if parents don’t begin to take action towards their autistic children’s lazy habits then the child will never have the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone and have true aspirations. Altogether, Gradin believes that stricter and instructive parenting will overall help the child fit in with society and work better with others in the long…show more content…
According to Dyches, “There needs to be a balance. A child with a disability should not be subject to different rules in a family, nor be the center of a family.” This supports the claim that the best parenting style is one that mixes the concepts of laid back and strict parenting styles. If a parent can get these two styles to work in cohesion then they will be using a style that gives a child with autism the best chance to set and obtain

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