Great Gatsby Tom Buchanan Quotes

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Throughout Chapter’s one and two of the Great Gatsby we can establish a vivid representation of Tom Buchanan’s character through the eyes of Nick Carroway. Tom demonstrates having an extreme authoritarian personality, he exerts his physical dominance onto other people and tries to control almost anything surrounding him. I mostly agree with this statement that his main determination in life is to achieve all control, however due to Nick’s unfortunate encounters with Tom he has a very biased outlook onto his character therefore naturally perceiving him in this novel very negatively. Tom Buchanan can be recognised as bully, he has victimised many characters within the novel and shown traits of being condescending, patronising and intimidating. There is a great deal of wealth that surrounds Tom and the lifestyle he lives, Nick claims that in Tom’s college days…show more content…
Nick Carroway quotes “shining arrogant eyes had established dominance over his face” this can suggest that Tom has very violent tendencies and expresses them onto other people if they didn’t agree with him. His bold personality is represented through his eyes. In terms of the social hierarchy, Tom has many social connections this is he result of his heritage, he expresses this through saying his house belonged to “Demaine, the oil man” this could class him at the top of the social class as a reference to him belonging to “old money” however he is not personally liked by anyone. “I always had the impression he wanted me to like him” this begins to tie in the fact that not only does Tom desire to be above everyone and for them to look up to him but he wants the reassurance and approval from people, his intentions are for him to ultimately control them however and not to harmoniously get along with his friends and
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