Is Photoshop Like The Brush For Picasso?

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As painting do as well, Gursky’s art piece Rhein II has had a value increase over time, as the picture was sold in 1999 for about 25.000 to 30.000 D-Mark (12.000-15.000 Euros nowdays.) , in 2011 the picture was sold for about $4.338.500 Dollars Without Photoshop Gursky wouldn’t have been able to realise his ideas and the Rhein II picture would have been never created. So could it be that for at least Gursky, Photoshop is like the Brush for Picasso? If we just look at the price development, we see that the price has increased about 320 times to what it was 12 years before the pictures was produced. In this Picture, named Bergwerk Ost by Gursky, he took a picture of a changing room in a mine in Hamm, Germany. He wanted to create a overwhelming

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