Speech About My Sea World

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Sea World is a theme park we all know about here in Florida. What can be said about this place varies within the experience of everyone’s own perspective. Saying that I want to tell you about my own experience at Sea world. First, I want to mention how fantastic their roller coasters are the way they make you feel like you’re flying through the air like a hawk our cutting through the air like a bullet. Or how it makes you feel after eating a turkey leg and risking it all to ride the Mantis ride. But what I really enjoyed was getting the chance to experience all of this with my family. The way we walked through the park like we owned the place or how we teased each other after a ride. But in the end, I really enjoyed going back home after the long day at Sea world coming back home and stretching out on my soft and cold bed nothing can beat it.…show more content…
That’s the question only the ones that live In Florida would mostly question. Usually because we generally overlook the great things that we can do in our beloved state. Like going to the beach or visiting a major fun park like Sea World or the more popular choice among our age Universal Studios. But honestly Sea World in my opinion is a lot more interesting than the more popular choice that’s only fashions fancy plastic statues or huge rides. Leaving what could really be a huge impact in a child’s life or even an adult in the dust. Leaving the opportunity to really learn something more. Not only does Sea World have said rides, but it also provides to give any age the chance to experience what only people could imagine happening to them in the wild. Like experiencing a close encounter with several deadly species of shark. Or to see one of the biggest pack hunting animals in the seven seas, the Killer whale like seriously a Killer whale come on
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