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Aspects to be looked at: Symbolism, the role of setting, human condition, language techniques, the writing style. Research Question: How does Albert Camus use of sun and nature to develop Meursault’s character in the Outsider? Introduction Camus uses the symbol of the sun throughout the novel. The novel The Outsider includes the symbol of the sun to play role in influencing Meursault’s actions. This essay will explore Albert Camus’s novel The Outsider, where Camus conveys symbolism and imagery of the sun. Camus leaves the reader to ponder upon how the “sun” effectively changes Meursault’s actions. In the narrative Meursault is like Camus is an outsider, a French man living in Algeria. Camus’ philosophical belief of Absurdism that shows…show more content…
 He, relating personal emotions to the sun and his actions being influenced by the weather changes.  killing the Arab. To Meursault ‘sun’ is what connects him to the world. As ‘sun’ seems to encourage his emotional response. ④ Thoughts  What kind of internal dialogue does your character have?  Meursault’s internal dialogue shows that he is sharp in observation as his choice of diction is very on to the point which reinforces the brevity in his sentences. Allowing the readers to comprehend the situation more efficiently.  Dilemma: a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives, especially ones that are equally undesirable. His dilemma was influenced by the ‘sun’, depending on the level of heat intensity, Meursault’s affectivity is varied. For instance, comfort, sleepy, angry – from low to higher heat intensity. PLOT STRUCTURE PLAN ① Exposition: introduction of story - background information (what was it that put everything in motion?) The introduction to mother’s death. Meursault showing no remorse over his own mother’s death  Readers become aware of Meursault’s character – emotionless and…show more content…
But nobody made a move yet; it was just as if everything had closed in on us so that we couldn’t stir. We could only watch each other, never lowering our eyes; the whole world seemed to have come to a standstill on this little strip of sand between the sunlight and the sea, the twofold silence of the reed and stream. When I came into the room the babel(와글와글)of voices echoing on the bare walls, and the sunlight streaming in, flooding everything in a harsh white glare, made me feel quite dizzy. I don’t know whether I made some gesture, but instead of going he halted behind my chair. The sensation of someone posted at my back made me uncomfortable. The sun was getting low and the whole room was flooded with a pleasant, mellow light. We walked for a long time on the beach. The sun was crashing down onto the sea and the sand shattering into little pieces. After that I didn’t take any more notice of this habit of his because I was concentrating on feeling the sun doing me good. And each time I felt a hot blast strike my forehead, I gritted my teeth, I clenched my fists in my trouser pockets and keyed up every nerve to fend off the sun and the dark befuddlement it was pouring into

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