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The depressingly lonely and macabre poetry style of Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickinson has captivated readers since its inception, and their subjects parallel in many manners. Poe and Dickinson are among the most well-known American poets of all time. Their gothic, sinister subjects parallel in many circumstances, with life, death, sickness, and sadness being the subject of many of their poems. Their lives were wrought with sadness and hardships, and their poems reflect their feelings towards the events that shaped them into the people they became. Both Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickinson were born in Massachusetts. Poe moved to Virginia soon after his parents' death, while Emily Dickinson stayed in Amherst, Massachusetts her whole life.1…show more content…
Emily Dickinson's education was broken as well. Her college years were interrupted due to frequent illness and bouts of depression. Poe's poems are known for their dark twisted themes and dramatic, thematic elements that paint vivid pictures of death and evil in the mind of the readers. While Poe published dozens of poems during his lifetime, poetry was not his only pursuit. He was known as the father of the detective story for his novels depicting mysteries and crime.2 His short stories, like his poems, were full of dark and twisted concepts and themes, and his ************ Poe's writing often included use of paired adjectives.3 He rarely used one simple describing word when two were available. His vocabulary was widely varied, but he had repeatable phrases, words, and concepts that he liked to return…show more content…
Emily Dickinson often wrote about nature. She was raised a gardener by her mother, and her fascination with the natural world seeped into her figures of speech and her attention to detail. Dickinson held nature in a special reverence. Edgar Allan Poe occasionally used nature to enhance the elements of the gothic setting in his poems and stories. Dickinson kept most of her poems private. She was reclusive and shy in her lifestyle, and by the time she was in her thirties, lived in almost complete isolation from any outside contact. She was reluctant to share her writings with all but a few close family members and anonymous writing associations.6 As a result, most of her work was published posthumously. Poe wrote primarily to publish and make a living.7 Poe sought to get his work published constantly, and was always striving for printers' notice as he struggled to make a living from his writing. Though they were both quiet and reserved in their few human relationships, Poe actively sought out publishers to sell his

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