Speech About Being In Love

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People always say nothing last forever & honestly at this moment, I am convinced. Life is full of so many mistake's, you wouldn't know exactly how to get up and start all over. Don't ever have any regrets about the bad choices you made in your past, you don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and by falling over. " a fi desi likkle bwoy ago get me ring when em get bigga " Right then and there my heart started to pound fast out of my chest and everything just went black, I honestly didn't know if I died or I was dreaming. That night my heart fell into so many pieces & I didn't have the vigor to pick up them back up so I left them there. Being in love can be one hell of a thing that sinks you in a deep pit, where there is no…show more content…
Even though I lived with my mother, she would always be at work, there was never no attention or knowledge & understanding from a parent that would give there child, so I went out & sought everything I needed to know on my own. I wasn't the type to be so easily acquainted with other people, until it got to the point where I wanted to know about more then the 4 walls in my room. I went out and looked friends and became friends with the wrong set of individuals & edification what they were doing. Being uneducated at a young age put me real low because anyone could of told me anything & I believed it. I was molested at the age of 6 by the person I would call my uncle, my mother use have him sleep at the house at time's also babysit me when she's gone to work, and he use to touch me, take my clothes off and try to penetrate his dick inside me but it never went in, he went down and gave me oral sex and sometimes have me sit on his face. No one taught me about sex so being approached that way made me feel like it was okay. If anyone was to touch me I would just let them due to the fact that's what I was used
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