Comparing Diotima And Socrates Essay

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Diotima asks Socrates why love is of exquisite things so while love composes of wants for all kinds of good things and pleasure those who are money makers, athletes do not generally call lovers. Diotima dismissed the idea of lovers that are in search of their soul mates. Diotima and Socrates both agree that love is a pleasure to have the benefits forever. Diotima asks why people pursue love. She claims that love’s function is giving birth to beauty in both the body and mind. People replete with riches in body and mind would naturally want to reproduce when they get to a certain mature age. Diotima stated that we talk about “the same person” we are generally not the same person throughout our life. Our body changes our mind and knowledge changes…show more content…
Phaedrus said that both god and human regard love as a great and awesome thing for many reasons. As love is the oldest. Phaedrus suggests that he present the greatest benefit. No young man can have a greater benefit than a good lover. This relationship guides men to stronger guidance toward managing good lives. Love teaches us humiliation in acting dishonored and satisfaction in acting well. Phaedrus provides many examples of honorable actions of love. One of the examples he gave was Alcestis who was willing to give her life for her husband Admetus. This shows how love can make us vulnerable and make us do things for our loved ones. Phaedrus concluded love is the most primitive and most valued of gods and capable of ensuring courage and happiness in this life and the next. Pausanias argued that loving in itself neither a good or bad activity. Pausanias said love is appalling because desire is indiscriminating directed toward the bodies rather than the soul. People are interested in women and boys. Heavenly love is directed to the males. He said that impolite behavior brings a bad name to love. Pausanias said one should not love another for materialistic things. The main purpose for love is to produce love and love being pursued in a wrong way can bring about

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