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Pedro Marinez Prof. Brabazon Eng. 101-01 16 February 2017 Would You Sea This World Amusement parks are probably the best place to spend your vacation with your family. When I was younger the first amusement park I ever went to was Sea world. My experience with sea world are a good experience, everything was fun and entertaining. The only bad thing was that in Florida it's always super hot, and that caused me to faint for about and hour. Seaworld has one of the most beautiful animals, I think people should visit that amusement park a little more. Sea world is an amazing place, to be with your family and there is a variety reason why people should spend their vacation in sea world. The first reason to go to see the world it's not that…show more content…
Many people would think rides were not the main attraction to sea world but they were still able to do very well. Most recently they have many different roller coasters but, one of them is mako it's a roller coaster is based off sharks and how fast they go in the water it's been noted that the ride goes 70mph and it goes 200 feet in the air. Also, seaworld provides entertainment shows to show off their beautiful animal. In the shows, you would be able to watch the trainer do tricks with the animal. Normally if some wanted to go see the show it would cost $14.00 per…show more content…
There is three main reason that I explained that shows family would have a great time at SeaWorld.The rides are fun and exciting and the shows are probably the best experience for going to sea world just to see stunts with whales and other animals. When comes down to prices for everything it's not the cheapest but compared to other places it's considered cheap if you go there for a day. Additionally food wise sharks underwater grill has food that looks amazing and would make anyone hungry after taking a look. Overall I think it would be nice to visit SeaWorld again but with my sister and other people from my family for we can enjoy everything SeaWorld has to

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