Soul Water: A Short Story

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The sun rose high above the sky as the water gently licked the banks of Soul Lake. Gray rocks that basked in the sunlight littered the sand. A girl, her white dress rippling gently in the wind, and her little brother, wearing jeans and a flannel shirt, stood on the shoreline, flat pebbles clutched tightly in small, stubby hands. Each no older than ten, they took great enjoyment in coming to the Lake. Their grandma, several feet away sat reading, oblivious to their activities. The rocks flew from the girl’s hands and bounced off the water 5 times. “Try to beat me!” she yelled, taunting, as the boy bent over, engrossed in finding a perfect rock. Straightening up, he retorted. “Just watch!” Three rocks flew from his hands. He threw with all his might, but the third stone came skipping back. Stunned silence followed, broken only by the…show more content…
Just sit and listen. Now.. where was I? Ah.. yes. He would always stand with his hands in the pockets of his dirt encrusted jeans, and had this twinkle in his sky blue eyes. All the girls simply adored him. He never took any interest.” The grandmother chuckled. “Beside his love to dream, Jed had a talent, a gift with rocks. He could make it dance on the water, or skip right back to you. But there was something else too. He would skip exactly three rocks whenever he came. No more, no less. When someone asked him why, he would shrug his shoulders, and jam his hands back into his jean pockets. Jed wasn’t a talker, he was a listener. He would sit and listen for hours. The birds, the water, his parent’s voices, his best friend's voice. He loved the sounds of the trees, the snow, the rustling of autumn leaves, the gentle rippling of the water as the rock skipped on top of the surface, and the gentle whistling of the grass.” Here, the grandmother looked opened her old eyes, and lowered them to meet her grandchildren's round, innocent ones. They were full of bewilderment. She smiled, and continued her

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