Comparing Story Of An Hour And Sinking House

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"Sinking House" could be seen through an incredibly feminist perspective. And in "The Story of an Hour" can relate to "Sinking House". In "Sinking House," Muriel and Meg are at differing sides of their own individual lives. Meg is young with a young husband. She has the rest of her life ahead of her, but there are problems stirring up. On the opposite side, Muriel is a much older woman and is at the end of her life. Her husband has died. Muriel is consumed by her memories. There is a distinct parallel that we are able to see between the both of them. Whereas, In "The Story of an Hour" Louise is a woman who has found out that her husband has "died", she suddenly feels free and when her husband returns she dies from his return. The roles of women…show more content…
Muriel's house is flooded with the water that she has been running. It is crumbling around her and sinking into the ground. Muriel is trying to cleanse the house. "She couldn't go back in there. Not tonight. The place was deadly, contaminated, sick as the grave after all is said and done, it just wasn't clear enough"(Boyle 944). Muriel feels that her house has been contaminated by Monty's rages. Her cleaning of the house is destroying her house which could signify the destruction of her life. Meg's house is slowly becoming a wet and muddy mess thanks to the water from Muriel's house. This can represent Meg's slowly failing marriage. Though the house with the fence can also represent Meg's isolation from society and the house keeps her inside of it. Louise is also represented as a house. Louise's house traps her, "No; she was drinking in a very elixir of life through that open window"(Chopin 412). Louise's window represents the freedom in her life now that her husband has passed away. The window allows a view into the distance which could be Louise's future, but as soon as she turns away from the window her freedom is gone and she is once again trapped in her marriage and

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