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Solution focused therapy is considered one of the most modern type of counseling. It highlights the client's inclination to produce positive change that stems from outside resources, strengths and the client previous change (De Shazer, 1985). Solution focused brief therapy was developed by Steve de Shazer, Insoo Kim Berg and a multitude of others at the Brief Family Therapy Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Throughout the development of solution focused therapy, the primary goal was to shift to future oriented thinking. De Shazer (1985) used the representation of looking at the client’s complaints as a lock on the door. Examining the lock will not lead to it unlocking. Yet, Shazer’s (1985) solution was to find a key that will open the lock. Solution focused therapy is known to be different from other traditional treatment emphases because its objective is to help the client develop a…show more content…
Solution focused therapy is known to have many assumptions that differs it from other approaches yet the most important one is the idea that some pieces of the solution is known to be already present in the client’s life (De Shazer, 1985). When the clients focus on these exceptions that are already present, rather than the characteristics of the problem, they will more likely lead to a resolution of the clients complaints. Solution focused therapy approach is not intended to change based on the issues the client presents. The approach for solution focused therapy is for the therapist to focus on how the client change rather than one which focuses on diagnosing and treating the problem. Within this process, the language used is change. The signature questions that are given during the interview intentions is to set up a therapeutic process so the therapist can listen and absorb the clients key words and meanings to better connect with the client. Once this process is continued, the client and the therapist are able to work together and build altered meanings that builds toward

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