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Abstract Solution focused brief therapy is an intervention that was developed by Steve de Shazer and other colleagues in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. This intervention is a time conscious therapeutic process in which a client can envision what their life will be like as a result of therapy (Ratner, George & Iveson, 2012). Solution focused brief therapy is an intervention that regards the client as the expert and relies on the goals of the client to move forward in the therapeutic process. It uses the strengths and resources that the client already has in their possession to create goal that will build the future that they envision for themselves. This is a detailed assessment of solution focused brief therapy as an intervention. This paper will explore the historic development of the intervention, basic assumptions and tenets, provide examples of techniques and apply the intervention to a chosen case study. Introduction This major paper will assess Solution Focused Brief Therapy. SFBT is used to help the client to discover their own solutions to problems by looking at the things that they are already doing correctly. The goal is to get them to recognize this behavior and to…show more content…
It also differs in the relationship between the client and the therapist. The relationship is not as deep as it would be with other methods because the therapist does not spend a lot of time exploring the deepest, darkest secrets of the clients’ life. The therapist only looks for information that relate to the problem and then from there the discussion moves forward with discussing goals and solutions. Also, the therapist is not the expert at all, the therapist is mainly there to support and guide the client as they attempt to discover solutions to the problem that is

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