Solitary Confinement In The United States Correctional System

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Today the United States Correctional System is a broken system. I mean this because we have overcrowding prisons, we use what is considered torture and we let people go who we know very well committed a crime. In our society today we use two major kinds of punishment which are solitary confinement and probation. Solitary Confinement is a form of imprisonment in which one inmate is isolated from any human contact, though often with the exception of members of the prison staff. These conditions vary from state to state but have general systematic polices and conditions which include: Being in a room from 22 to 24 hours a day, severely limited contact with anyone, inadequate medical and mental health treatment, physical torture, no-touch torture,…show more content…
Inmates have access to another form of education; life-skills training. These programs will teach the inmate how to manage a household, one’s money, how to live a healthy life, how to parent and be a spouse, how to apply for a job and how to safely and securely acquire their driver’s license. When preparing the inmate for work many institutions offer vocational education to help so they know how to communicate with people as well as how to sustain their life again and be able to continue on the right path. (Policies and Resolutions. (2014) Corrections Today, 76(3),…show more content…
There are over 100,000 in state and federal prisons. Facilities also may use faith based programs to help to provide the self-worth, feeling a part of something and doing good rather than bad. I personally feel like the inmate will receive more help and better treatment by going through rehabilitation rather than being stuck in solitary confinement or put on probation. I only say this for two reason the first is because solitary confinement will distort a person way of life to the point of the inmate may consider suicide once they are released and able to join the regular population again or released due to their sentence being up. Solitary confinement is not a place I want to see anyone no matter how bad they are or what they have done, you are basically taking and killing them before they even get a chance to clean up their behavior and get a second chance. The ones that truly know they have done wrong and are begging for that second chance may never get it and have more mental health problems than when they went in. The second reason is because if you just give someone a cell or probation with nothing else attached to it or any work to be done, what is not to say they will continue to do the same crime again or worse end up killing someone. I do not see that as being helpful I see it hurting more than anything because they have not learned anything and will not have a mind change of what is wrong from right.

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