Foreshadowing In The Call Of The Wild

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I liked Call of the Wild because it was an action packed book. The setting of this book is Alaska in 1897. The setting impacts the book because it tells the season of the year in Alaska. The book talks about the seasons and in the end of chapter one we are told that Buck sees and feels snow for the first time. When Buck was living at Judge Miller’s Place he was never yelled at, beaten, or whipped but when the man in the red sweater bought Buck he changed that. Also, if Buck hadn’t been taken by Manuel he would still be a pampered dog. The book focuses on Buck as a strong sled dog in Alaska. The setting influenced this because if Buck was taken to Georgia he might be picking peaches. He might also be someone’s pet again, but instead he was searching for gold with John Thornton.…show more content…
This conflict impacts the story because if Buck hadn’t been taken the book would have been about Buck’s boring, dull life on Judge Miller’s place. The foreshadowing is that all through the book there is this thing calling to Buck bringing out his wild side. This foreshadowing is the most powerful sense in the story. We don’t find out what the thing calling to Buck is a wolf until chapter six. My favorite chapter in Call of the Wild was chapter seven because it talked about Buck living free and being with his wolf brothers. I would change one part in this chapter because John Thornton dies. When Buck sees John dead he attacks the Indians and rips their throats. This shows that Buck loved John. There is one place where the Yeehats will never step foot on again because the evil spirit (Buck) comes every year. The book says this is where he comes to howl and at night he is not alone since his wolf brothers are with

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