Animatronics And Cgi In Jurassic Park

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Thrillers have come in all different forms from Psycho to the most recent Godzilla. Yet there was one that did the most for the thriller genera, this movie was Jurassic Park. Jurassic Park did the most for the thriller genera due to its use of animatronics and cgi, its ability to have a suspenseful plot, and scenery. One of Jurassic Park’s best feature that it allowed it to have the most impact was its use of animatronics and cgi. During the time Jurassic Park was being filmed animatronics and cgi were not very common in movies especially cgi. By using these two techniques it gave the feeling that the dinosaurs were actually alive during the movie. This gave viewers the sense of excitement every time a dinosaur was shown. This also worked well because by making the dinosaur seem alive it gave people that feeling of always wanting to see an actual dinosaur.…show more content…
In the opening sequence of the movie it already gave viewers the feeling of this suspense. In this scene they are moving a velociraptor into an enclosure and something goes wrong causing people to die and them killing the velociraptor. By using this scene it foreshadows for future scenes in the movie on just what might happen. This in turn gives the viewers that unknowing on whether someone will die when these scenes do appear. By Jurassic Park doing this they allowed for the thriller genera to be further helped by it because of how well the plot was written for the

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