Role Of Terrorism In Neal Shusterman's Unwind

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Terrorism is an act that several people in distress or who are mentally ill take up for their own personal motives. In Unwind by Neal Shusterman Lev, Mai, and Blaine all turned to becoming terrorist to get satisfaction and by the choices they made, they ended up causing many people, those of which they did and did not know, pain including themselves. Terrorism should not go unnoticed since it can happen under any circumstance and can harm relationships, cause division the society, and it effects government control. Relationships are damaged and destroyed by those who become terrorists. For Example, the relationship that Lev once had with Connor and Risa was eventually damaged after his choice to join Blaine and Mai and became a clapper. Before his decision, he was living a life that he was happy with, that was until he found out that all he was told previously was a lie. Relationships can not only be harmed by terrorism, they can also be the reason for people to turn to terrorism. For instance, Mai did not really have any relationships harmed by herself becoming a clapper but in her case her, she made the decision to become a clapper because of a relationship in her…show more content…
In a society there are social norms and those norms can cause people who do not fit into it to be shunned and not be acknowledged. In Unwind people like Connor or Mai, become unwound because they are thought of as different as expectations, and becomes no longer wanted by their parents. Mai is a good example of being unwanted and then later on choosing to be a terrorist. Terrorism can also create fear, panic, and a division in the people. For example, clappers are considered a very big threat to the people and is a terrifying thought for many. The society is so terrified of what terrorists do but they do not realize that they are part of the reason they become what they

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