Solar Dryer Case Study

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SOLAR DRYER FOR HOME APPLIANCE Abstract Solar energy is abundant and more useful for various applications like power productions, battery charging and drying food product etc. The recent case study says that the annual wastage of vegetables and fruits are up to Rs.13300 crores due to not kneading it properly. In olden days open sun drying is the most common method used to preserve fruits and vegetables in most countries. But it has some problem like unprotected from rain, wind-borne dirt and dust, infestation by insects etc. Some of the problems associated with open-air sun drying can be solved in this new solar dryer. The types of solar dryers are i) Absorption or hot box type dryers ii) The indirect or convection type dryers.…show more content…
The solar drying system utilizes solar energy to heat up the air and to dry any food substance which is not only beneficial in that it reduces wastage of home product and helps in preservation of home product. A solar dryer is an enclosed unit, to keep the food safe from damage, birds & insects and unexpected rainfall. The food is dried using solar thermal energy in a cleaner and healthier way. In India, the world’s largest producer of milk and the second-largest producer of fruits and vegetables is also one of the biggest food wasters in the world –wasting INR 440 billion worth of fruits, vegetables and grains every year. The Government of India spends INR 750 billion a year, about 1 per cent of GDP in 2011.The above problem can be rectified by implementing the solar…show more content…
It contains an exhaust outlet portion at the top of triangular shape and it is joined with solar collector at the bottom of the drying chamber which allows pre-heated air coming from solar collector to pass through food products. The upper most part of the drying chamber is covered with transparent glass sheet (0.5cm thick). The glass is placed at an angle of 110 on the top of the chamber. It has two trays for keeping food products. The drying chamber a inside temperature and humidity sensor. It has the microcontroller for control all electrical

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