Elements Of A Heroine In Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

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The book The Joy Luck Club, is a collection of short stories by the writer Amy Tan, and explores themes of family, Chinese-American culture, and strong women. This collection has many short stories that are examples of heroines and have marriage problems, family issues, and even anorexia. The main characters in this book, are strong, intelligent, and interesting women, that try to overcome their problems and save each other from heartache and even death. The modern example of a heroine in my opinion is a female that possesses a great deal of courage and bravery. A heroine is a woman who doesn't need to be a knight with a sword, but is a courageous woman who seeks to do things that are scary and dangerous, but perseveres. Unlike the traditional definitions that require self sacrifice, I think a heroine is a character that dares to help other and themselves. If a heroine was in the world of today, she might be physically fit and healthy, not skinny and frail, but capable of taking care of herself physically and mentally. She could have any color of hair and be tall or short, because it seems that…show more content…
Claire appears again and is contemplating her mentally ill mother's ability to predict future occurrences. She is repetitious about showing her and her husband's home to her mother, while also worrying about her problems with her husband Harold (Tan 159). Lena thinks back to guilty feelings over a child's death when she was young and considers she may still be punished for it even now, she is also anorexic (Tan 153). Her anorexia started as a young girl when she was trying to have some control in life and deal with her mother's madness (Tan 153). Lena blames her issues on her Chinese culture and other things that aren't herself, and her friend encourages her to fight for her marriage. In this story, it's obvious that Lena is not heroic and is overcome with anxiety and fear, so much that she can't save her marriage or

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