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As a social worker I am commonly conflicted with situations that arise between “The Canadian Social Work Code of Ethics” as well as my own personal values. The Canadian Social Work Code of Ethics outlines guidelines, in which a social worker tries to obey, however often times conflicts between them appear which we call an “ethical dilemma”. For instance, meet Johnny and his wife Jane; they have been married for ten years now and their marriage has been undergoing advisory for the past six months, after the death of Jane’s mother, Jane has been going through sever depression and has been taking out her anger and frustration on Johnny, she has been accounted for domestic violence on several accounts. Johnny has just recently mentioned the violence in his session privately; he is concerned about her safety as well as his own, he fears what Jane might do as well as the result in his marriage if Jane finds out about him approaching others. This situation draws conflicts between…show more content…
To positively benefit the situation to the best of my abilities I must sit down with Johnny explain to him that I have to file a report and deal with his emotions regarding that topic and then contract a plan for removing Johnny out of his abusive environment and getting him on his way to recovery. As for an action plan, I think the most beneficial way to occupy Johnny’s needs is to use the “Strength-Based Approach”, it allows individuals to acknowledge their strengths and build on them to overcome issues, rather than focusing on the negative sides of the situation. I think Johnny will benefit form this plan because he had concerns about how his wife will react and his martial status, this way he can over look these issues and acknowledge the positive outcomes and the start of a new

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