Analyzing Chris Cleave's 'Little Bee'

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Sary Mounif Professor Cleave English 1B 12/09/2014 Nobody is perfect except God; as a result, life is a mixture of good and bad. If everyone on earth is good, then there will be no bad and vise versa. Chris cleave discuss the dilemma of good, bad and the strength that everyone should have to keep going through life’s problems and bad situations. Chris Cleave, through his story of Little Bee, a sixteen year old Nigerian girl named Udo or Peace who is seeking refuge in England after an oil company workers killed her family and destroyed her village because they need the land for an oil field. Through the characters of this story Cleave was able to creatively depict the death theme, the Morality theme and finally the strength theme. The bad side of this story is portrayed in the Death that creeps around on most every page of Little Bee. Through flashbacks, and live events the two narrators of this story, Sarah and Little Bee, reveal their tragedies of death and how it affects their lives. Little Bee witnesses the murder of her family, and the people in her village one after the other. She hears her sister get raped, beside her on the sand, tortured and murdered. Moreover Little Bee witnesses Sarah's husband Andrew hangs…show more content…
It takes a strong person to get over a tragedy and move one especially death. Little Bee was the strongest character in this story ; her problems were ten times worse than anyone else’s problems. Little Bee has been strong ever since she ran away from her village as noted in the story, She had been running for 6 days, they haven’t eaten anything in to, and there feet were bloody and worn out (Cleave, 100-101). This did not stop Little Bee from surviving; she had the strength to keep going. Whenever Little Bee was threatened with Death she didn’t run away all the time, she fought back too. When Lawrence threatened her to turn her in, she threatened Lawrence to ruin his life by telling Sarah and his wife (pg.

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