Social Media Effects On African Americans

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The media has a lot to do with the way the human mind think. Any kind of dealing with the media can make a situation seem bigger than what it is. Social media, mainly news media, plays a huge part in modern racism. In the movie Hispanics were represented as thieves. A Hispanic man who was a locksmith got treated poorly because of his race. He did his job very well, but others would think that he was trying to break into their house. One particular scene, he was fixing a lock for another business and he tried to help the guy out by telling him that he fixed the lock but they needed another door and the man thought that he was trying to break in. When somebody broke into that business he blamed the Hispanic man, when actually he was helping him out. Another scene is where a woman walked in on him fixing the door to their home and she immediately told her husband that she wanted the locks changed again the next day. She told her husband that he was gone sell the key to one of his “amigos”. I think his physically appearance played a big part along with him being Hispanic he had a shaved head and tattoos. Blacks and Hispanics are looked at as criminals.…show more content…
This leads back to slavery and white privilege. In the movie to black friends were waiting on their food and everybody got served before them even the people that were supposed to be after them. The waitress brought fresh cups of coffee to all the white people tables frequently but not once did she ask the blacks did they need any. Many believe that black people don’t leave tips. A white couple was walking down the street and seen a black guy walking past and she immediately grabbed onto her husband arm. Black people go around disrespecting others of their race. People assume that African Americans talk a certain way, and act like it’s a crime for them to talk proper
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