Personal Narrative: Riley Randall

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The man I will never be. Growing up my best friend was a girl named Riley Randall. Riley was a brunette with brown eyes and a really kind heart. Riley’s family was also very wealthy, so I loved going to her house because it was so big. Brion worked very hard and did so much that the rest of the family did not have to work. The stock broker had very dark eyes, and looked very intimidating. But he was actually a joy to be around and seemed to always be in a wonderful mood. He always donated money to my school and he would always give me money for doing chores at his house. Although he was extremely rich and self made, he gave his money to people who needed it. Mr. Randall was very generous with his money and loved to spend it and spend it…show more content…
He was very good at what he did and had a great record. He was not making millions but he was making a good six figures, for a long time. I don't know if it was greed or an obsession of just looking good to the public, but this way of life was not enough for him. Having a good track record in the stock, Brion would ask wealthy people, to invest in things like the cowboys stadium, SMU stadium or malls- things like that. When people gave him this money, he did not invest it, he just just kept it for himself. Brion actually was driving a new car every week, flashy suits, flashy glasses, and always was giving out money. Looking at him, I thought that, that is what I wanted to be when I grow up, a happy man with money to give out to those who needed it. Sadly, this was not what was actually going on. Actually no one knew that this was going on, the entire family was shocked when he got arrested. He lied to the whole world, so he could have a few years of luxury. He might think that he hurt his reputation for himself, but who he hurt the most, was my best friend…show more content…
But I could not blame her, her role model and father she loved greatly, hurt the lives of thirty families and his very own. Growing up Riley lived in the biggest house I have ever seen, and now she lives in an apartment in a rough part of richardson with her mom. The mom never worked a day in her life and had no money when Brion was sent to prison. They had to sell the house, cars, and all furniture. Riley had a california king sized mattress and now Riley and her mom sleep together in a pull out couch. Riley no longer went to my private school because her mom could not afford it, so I saw her less and less. The last time I saw her father was when the three of us grabbed something to eat after school. We were eating with her father for the last time. I remember he was telling Riley how great he thought she was. Looking back on it, I think he knew what was going to happen. Because although he was a good father, he never went out of his way to talk about how great riley was randomly, but that dinner, it's the only thing that came out of his

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