Grendel Vs Beowulf Research Paper

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Have you ever noticed how movies and books are never generally the same, why do they make them different you may ask. Well in the book Beowulf and in the movie Beowulf and Grendel you see many differences, however the main topic I’ve chosen to write about is the addition of certain characters that did not make it to the pages of Beowulf and why they may have been put into the movie. Like in the book as you read you notice that there is no Witch and in the movie as you watch you see that there is, same for the monk and Grendel’s son. In the book Beowulf speaks of God has high and power and frequently as well. In the book you see that Beowulf believes in such God and there is elements in which Hrothgar teaches lessons of Christianity philosophy to Beowulf like the wealth, accumulated through the grace of God, has to be shared unselfishly. Beowulf even speaks of God as being the chosen one to have the final decision on who were to when the battle between…show more content…
However in the movie there is this monk which was added in maybe to symbolise Christianity because Beowulf does not really seem to speak of religion much and even then in one scene of the movie there are Danes converting to Christianity, Beowulf watches as such actions take place and says they convert out of fear in other words they are cowards for taking such deed. The movie kind of portrays an image against Christianity the message received from it is there is no bad or good no heroes only victim and it is better to appease those against you the to stand up for what you believe in and maybe just convert to have another God's protection on your side maybe that's why you see some of the men wearing both the hammer and the cross. Maybe our faith has died down since the days go on in modern time our belief in God is no longer as powerful as it once was today now a lot of people believe in

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