Social Constructionism: A Case Study

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1.) What is social constructionism? ο Social constructionism is something society has created. Everything that is socially constructed, for example money could have been created different, but it was not. Humans' part of the society we live in created this. Social constructionism's focal point surrounds relationships and the way that affect's peoples perception of reality and the world around them. It examines the shared concepts, analysis and views that are mutual within groups of people. (Surette, 2015. Pg. 33) 2) What sources do people acquire knowledge from? ο The 4 sources that people obtain knowledge from is experienced reality, symbolic reality, socially constructed reality and the social construction process and the media. (Surette, 2015. Pg.32) Most of what we know to be true, or think is true, we can never be certain of…show more content…
All the personal events that you have encountered in your life may benefit to how you view the world around you. Symbolic reality is knowledge you retain from, ''other people, institutions, and the media.'' (Surette, 2015. Pg. 32) This is an understanding that you don't see for yourself, but you are told. For example, most people can describe the attributes of a serial killer, but have not met one. This is because forms of institutions, such as school and the media have told society what features serial killers tend to have. (Surette, 2015. Pg. 32) The final source of reality people have is called socially constructed reality. This is a mixture of experience and symbolic reality. Through all the information we take in, through every source, through our peers, the news, our teachers we create our own reality and our own world. (Surette, 2015. Pg. 33) The people you are surrounded by tend to have the same socially constructed reality because similar knowledge is being shared, however everyone's personal experience varies therefor there is a mixture of different

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