Marching Band Camp Analysis

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During the 2015 EVHS Marching Band Camp, lore was spread about the participants like butter by means of a table knife. The terrified freshman witnessed tales of death and damnation via misstepping and simple musical flaws. Though fearful to the point of anxiety, we marched on, not without great heed. Throughout the course of the week’s activities the band memorized the tunes, the sets assigned to the tunes, and, of course, their new mates’ and section leaders’ names and tempers, as it was a humid and grueling week with many faults. None were fatal yet. In ways the camp was fun, such as bonding over lunch with your fellow sweaty, winded band members, but still in the back of our minds was the notion of blood being spilled, or a body, crushed…show more content…
Though only a minor collision, a bass drum to the back of a small trombonist, putting her out the rest of rehearsal, was enough to put the dangers of marching band into perspective. In the weeks to come, constant vigilance and precision was the company's top priority. Through rain, shine, or even apocalyptic circumstances if relevant, the band marched on, though focused more upon our technique and marching fundamentals than the actual melodies. As a consequence, the musical quality of our show began to suffer. Getting more and more aggravated at the fact that our musical talents were dissipating, Adam Roach brought us, instead of outside marching, into the school to practice our music. As one could imagine, this took an even further toll on our visual performance. Though our recollection of our sets was slipping from our minds, the music was becoming immaculate, and Roach was eventually…show more content…
As predicted, we were to practice outside, and the band dutifully obeyed, our tails tucked between our legs. We marched to the stadium and ran through our pregame routine, consisting of a block formation marching onto the field, performing the Star Spangled Banner, and marching off. The pregame was up to usual standards, which were no less than acceptable, but, of course, was not yet perfection. Soon after we began to rehearse the halftime show. Extraordinarily, the visuals and the music were not entirely unsatisfactory. In fact, the first tune was almost flawless, though one could not say the same for the second, which was still quite sufficient. The third was nearly as good as its predecessors. Then came the fourth. The fourth was not yet completed, as we had just began to learn it before Roach transferred us back to our euphony, and, thereupon, was also the lowest ranking in quality. Not the entire troupe had memorized all of what we had learned, which was soon about to make us realized the fear we had been apprehending since band

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