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Ma Vie En Rose which literally translates to My Life In Pink is a 1997 Belgian film written by Chris Vander Stappen and Directed by Alain Berliner that tells the story of Ludovic (Ludo) a transgender 7 year old boy who feels he is born in the wrong body and should have been born as a girl. An unusual fact I learned while researching was that In the United States the film received an R rating from the Motion Picture Association of America even though it had minimial sexual content, minimal violence and mild language. There was thought by several groups that this was due to transphobia. The film describes the struggle of Ludo’s family to accept his transgender identity. Ludo dresses in his sister’s clothes, dreams of marrying a neighbor’s…show more content…
“An estimated 2-5% of the population is Transgender (Transfact sheet, 2015). In light of the growing visibility of transgender individuals and children in recent years, more and more children, families and individuals are looking for resources to support them. A culturally (I use culturally because Transgender individuals are a minority) competent Social Worker will have to have an understanding of their specific issues and struggles and how to apply theories to help them. While there are many theories of human behavior that could be applied to Ma Vie En Rose and the story of Ludo, for the purposes of this paper I will look at applying systems theory more specifically family systems theory and social…show more content…
Ludo’s actions affect not only the relationship of the father son subsystem but also his father’s employment and the social status of the family. Ludo’s father is under external pressure because of Ludo’s actions and often resorts to threats of violence towards Ludo. Ludo’s father refuses at first to acknowledge something is wrong with his son and later sends him to a psychiatrist to be fixed. Once his father loses his job and they move to the new neighborhood and he does not have to maintain those external relationships he relaxes and becomes more accepting of Ludo’s transgender

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