Social Class Divided In America

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The main focus of this film was to explain how social class are divided in the United States. In America people are more divided into race than class but it still being a big division. People identify from which social class you belong just by; the way you look, where does your parents work, how your house looks, where you go to school, etc… In America social class is divided into upper class, middle class and lower class. The upper class are the richest people, the ones that live well and everyone wants to be like them but them don’t want to be like others social classes. The high class people only socialize with them, there are always exception but they feel that they are better than any social class. Rich people are the privileged ones because “They walk better, they’re smarter….” That’s what a white rich guy said in the film.…show more content…
The middle class is divided into the upper middle class and lower middle class, which actually don’t relate, they don’t socialize together. In the film we saw how the men in the store let us know that just by be able to identify an article from the store could says what is your social class, “When you go to the store and you can identify the items in there, you relate there, “that's your class” ”. If you see fancy stuff in the store and you can not identify them, that store is not part of your social class. Finally, we have the lower class, the poor ones. Those are the invisible people in our society. In the film we saw Tammy’s story, which was a poor mother with three children, she live in a very bad condition but they tried the best to survive. We saw how long she had to walk to get to her job, cleaning bathrooms in Burger King, because she didn't has a car and don’t even bus go closer to where she
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