Residential School System In Canada

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CANADA - In the early days before Confederation, the Canadian government was not concerned about the education of the Aboriginal people. However once the government policy changed and it was required to provide Aboriginal youth with education and merge them into the Canadian society, they convicted that the inferior First Peoples needed to be assimilated into Western European culture ("Frequently Asked Questions"). Therefore, the Canadian government and various religious institutions formed church-run residential schools in every province besides Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. The Aboriginal leaders and elders anticipated that these schools would let their children learn the skills of the Canadian society including speaking…show more content…
This year, there are 9,149 students in residential schools and the number of residential schools are more than 80 ("Frequently Asked Questions"). These schools “aim to kill the Indian in the children” ("The Residential School System"). As a result, the children are deprived of their culture, religions and languages and then replaced with Euro-Canadian ones ("The Residential School System" ). Additionally, the children are forbidden to practice their own religions, speak their native languages as well as use their given names, they must only use their Euro-Canadian names given to them ("The Residential School System" ). Otherwise, they would receive atrocious and unpleasant punishments. As justified by Ministik, “I was whipped because I didn’t know my name was Peter Nakogee”…show more content…
Students are beaten for disobedience. In addition, many experience neglect, agony, suffering and pain from the school teachers and school environment. However, the children that eventually get caught from running away from the residential schools are the ones that are the most severely punished. Occasionally, students even become victims of physical and sexual abuse from the hands of teachers (Jaichand) and/or become exposed to fatal diseases like tuberculosis (Tunstall). Some even die of suicide because they are unable to face the atrocity of the residential schools (Kennedy). These actions cause more than hundreds of Aboriginal children to die every year, yet these residential schools are still open and continue to force assimilation and deculturalization of Aboriginal children. Unfortunately, the parents of the Aboriginal children do not have a say whether they want their children to attend the residential schools or not. Furthermore, they do they have the authorities to take their children out of the schooling system since they are not considered “persons” by the Indian Act and since the federal government is forcing the children to attend due to the altered government policy ("Residential Schools" ). On occasion, parents would help sneak their children out of the residential schools or take them away with them without the school

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