Examples Of Who Is The Fault In Macbeth

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The story of Macbeth is a short yet tragic one. It involves love, deception, treachery, and a lot of blood and death. Throughout the story, people are murdered and blood is spread everywhere, but the main question is one that seems simple, but can be very complicated; who’s fault? After having read the story, I think that the fault falls back on the 3 weird sisters, Lady Macbeth, and human nature. I think that the 3 weird sisters are at fault for the entire story because it was them that told Macbeth that one day he would become Thane of Cawdor and King of Scotland. I think that because the sisters told Macbeth these things because they knew that he was very gullible and that he is prone to doing things that he may not think twice about. For example, in the very beginning of the story, we see Macbeth on the battlefield while killing and fighting the Norwegian army. From this scene, we can infer that…show more content…
If you were to put a regular common person in the position of Macbeth, they would not be able to do the things that Macbeth does on the battlefield, not only because they might be physically incapable, but also because they might be mentally unable to as well. Knowing that Macbeth can take orders and is very gullible, I think that the witches took advantage of Macbeth. Some people brought up the idea that it wasn’t the witch’s fault, since Lady Macbeth was slightly crazy even before hearing about the witches. I would have to disagree with these people because I think that, even though Lady Macbeth may have been already slightly crazy, Macbeth was perfectly happy with his life

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