America's Oh Sh T Moment By Louise Ferguson

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Many of us know America as a country of high power and full of pride, am I right? That’s what America wants the world to think, but in reality this country has many major flaws that holds it back from its alternative reputation. This brings to me my main point in hand, as I discuss the story “America’s Oh Sh*t Moment” written by author by Niall Ferguson, who was a Scottish writer born in Glasgow, Scotland. Ferguson graduated with multiple degrees from Oxford, in which led him to write many novels dealing with shaping history, society, and civilization. Shortening this very long article dealing with America, Ferguson basically tells how he does not believe in America prospering and being all perfect. In fact he believes that America is failing…show more content…
America is so vast and different types of people that all think and worry about many other things besides this country. People simply do not care about other situations not involving them. That's why Ferguson is touching upon just so that the rest of the society living in America realizes the consequences of its own country before it's too late.For example Ferguson says on page 291 in the second paragraph he says “its shape is more like an exponentially steepening slope that quite suddenly drops off like a cliff”. Basically referring to the America as a country that could drop off and collapse off a cliff whenever it is possible. Some instance where Ferguson see’s where America cannot compare is when he brings up other countries comparing them to America’s. First using a comparison of the work ethic and education status in South Korea and here. In South Korea students school days are 220 days per year, while in America it is merely 180 days. America also dwindles when compared to the working hours of South Koreans as they average around 39 percent more hours than our American workers. Ferguson than came up applications to label a failing civilization as he dubbed them the “killer applications” that destroyed a society within just these couple of steps. Not the original finder, but Ferguson adapted these applications after discovering them from Europeans who used them to figure out settling within Australia and North America at that time. Which are competition, The Scientific Revolution, Rule of Law and Representative Government, Modern Medicine, The Consumer Society, and the country’s work ethic. All of these applications could tell whether or not a civilization will stand tall or fall hard within its own terms. America can only stay as a top dog for so long, before its glory days are well behind and fade. Leaving

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