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For some people, living in abroad is a matter of pride. For others, living in another country is a challenge to be faced. Things that are not the same as the conditions in the home country become problems that must be overcome. As in the year 2015 – 2016, when my family and I lived in Wageningen-Netherlands to support my husband pursuing his postgraduate degree. Many things or problems I have experienced made me look for ways to make lives there easier for me as well as for others. There are common problems experienced by newly arrived Indonesian in the Netherlands. The most uncomfortable things living in the Netherlands, for me and most of Indonesian is the climate. Living in a subtropical country, with the weather that often changed drastically,…show more content…
My main role in the community is more in providing tools in the form of social media that connects the student's companion family as members. Therefore, all the members will always be connected to each other. Another valuable thing is, with the community that has been formed, we have more friends and it could overcome the sense of loneliness. The need to socialize is important to Indonesian since most of us live in an apartment; therefore, the opportunity meet other inhabitants was infrequent. Another important role of the community is passing information about babysitter vacancy for children whose parents have to go to campus. The Netherlands has an expensive daycare service for most of us (about 7 euros per hour). While on the other hand there are some companions of students who have more free times. The existence of demand and resources was also made me as a liaison between members who need a babysitter and members who have free time. Good negotiation skills are needed to set up comfort for each

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