Emmett Till Thesis

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Emmett Till a young city boy living in Chicago, Illinois was a spark to civil rights movements after his brutal death. How could the death of just one kid spark multiple civil rights movements you say well lets see. Emmett Till lived all his life with his mother and grandma, Emmett mainly stayed with his grandma while his mother was gone working. Emmett had a strong relationship with his cousins they were like brothers always there for each other. Moses Wright his great uncle was about to leave the tills home when he asked the cousins and Emmett if they wanted to go to Money, Mississippi with him. The cousins all said yes but, Mamie Till didn’t know if she wanted him to go down to Mississippi for a whole summer, after talking awhile…show more content…
With Moses being a farmer the boys would help him out in the fields some days. One day after working in the fields the boys went to the local Bryant's grocery to get some gum and drinks. Emmett didn’t know that down in the south that it wasn’t ok to flirt with women, not knowing that Emmett flirted in some way to the grocery store owners wife. The boys went back to Moses Wrights house and they knew that then men from the store would be coming for Emmett because of what he had did. The following morning Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam came to the house and asked to see if they could talk to Emmett. Moses at first refused but, then after them swearing to not do anything to him Moses showed them where the boy was. Bryant and Milam came into the house and dragged Emmett by his ears out the door to there car! Bryant put Emmett in the car and took off taking him to a farm in Drew, Mississippi. After watching the kidnapping Moses Wright called the police but there was really no use the boys were 30 miles away. When they got there Bryant and Milam beat Emmett to where he was unrecognizable, they

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